1. The allotment I have been allocated is overgrown, will you clear it for me?

    No.We do not clear plots before letting them.

    Some of them might be overgrown when we re-let them.

    Some plots are handed back to the Council in good condition, but this is a rarity. 

    If you do have any concerns with the condition of the plot, please let us know before accepting the tenancy.

  2. There is a lot of rubbish on my plot, will you take it away for me?

    Generally no.

    You must let us know before accepting your tenancy about any waste on the plot.  We might offer to assist and to remove some large items of non-organic waste if necessary by prior agreement, but the decision to do this is made on a case by case basis. 

    When clearing your plot it might be that you unearth a lot of waste. 

    We might ask for a contribution towards removal, if you need our assistance.

  3. Do I need to apply for permission to put up a shed, greenhouse or polytunnel on my plot?

    Yes, you will need to complete an application for a shed or  greenhouse along with a details of construction. We respond within 20 working days on receiving the application.

    The application form is in the Documents area of the website.

  4. Is water provided on site?

    The Council site has water on site.  All tenants are encouraged to collect their own rainwater.  It is also compulsory to do so if a tenant has a shed or a greenhouse on their plot. Water is available from storage tanks for collection by watering can.

    We do NOT allow the use of hose pipes.

  5. Will the Council deliver manure, leaves, grass cuttings, compost or woodchip to the site?

    The Council does not delivery any materials to site due to space available for deliveries and organisation in place by tenants to manage the delivery.

    However if you ask other tenents they may have contacts who can assist.

  6. What can I do with the organic waste from my plot which can't be composted?

    The Council does not collect organic waste from our allotments, however, you can bag it up and place in your recycling bin at home.

  7. My husband/wife/partner/friend who I was working the plot no longer wants to do it/has died/moved away/is ill - can I put the Allotment Tenancy Agreement in my name?

    Not if there is a waiting list. Please email the Council to request if possible.

  8. I have moved out of the parish, but I can still travel to the allotment site, is this ok?

    No, our allotments are only to be rented by residents within the fives miles of the parish of Stondon.

  9. I have moved but I still reside in the parish, do I need to the clerk know?

    Yes, just let us know your new address so we can amend our records.